Verbena rigida



Your Healing Challenge

  • For despondency at having to ‘go it alone’.
  • For timidity, shyness or inadequacy in connecting with others.
  • For lack of cooperation, loner attitude, 'superwoman mentality'.
  • For the emotional stress of being a carer or volunteer.
  • For feelings of isolation and despair as a lone mother.
  • For feelings of loneliness and neediness in the aged.
  • For doom and gloom about ‘not having enough’ to fulfill the needs of the family.
  • For women feeling out of touch with their spirituality.
  • For men threatened by the emerging feminine energy of the 2000’s.

Your Healing Outcomes

  • For women's spirituality – encourages thinking globally, acting locally.
  • Promotes cooperation and facilitates group mentality.
  • It promotes networking.
  • Assists women to reach out for help.
  • Promotes confidence in child-care for your child and for yourself.
  • Galvanises women to take an interest in helping to save the environment
  • Assists men to feel comfortable with women, and with women’s energy.


Two hundred and more species are recognized in this large group of perennials, most of them easy to grow and suitable for warm, dry climates.

Verbena rigida is used as a perennial rockery plant. Most verbenas have a pleasant spicy fragrance.

The leaves of the verbena are typically thin, lance-shaped leaves in medium green. The fine cut foliage is attractive and combines well with other plants.

Verbena tends to have a loose, sprawling growth habit. The flowers are five-petaled and very tiny individually; however, they grow in beautiful clusters or domed heads held above the foliage.

Doctrine of Signatures:

These little flowers grow in trident shape that looks like the symbol of Neptune, the God of the sea. Women’s energy is like the ocean, undulating and rhythmic with waves on the surface that appear to be separate. But at the depths of the ocean, all is connected and still, sustaining many strange and beautiful life forms, adapted specifically to life in the deep. It is like the inner landscape of a woman whose dream world sustains her and gives substance to her creative life at the surface.

The flowers grow in groups of three with flowering heads made up of many tiny magenta-coloured flowerlets, creating a sphere. Magenta is the colour of the extra chakra or energy centre located at the throat, which opens to information coming from higher dimension realities. The appearance of the flowers in clusters suggests the connected way that women relate to one another with their innate ability to network and co-operate, in contributing towards the greater good of society.

As they mature, the flowering heads elongate, giving the appearance of a pharaoh's head, as if each successive flowering has accumulated wisdom. Women’s life phases are designed cleverly by Nature to ensure that the older they become, the wiser they are. With their innate propensity to pass their accumulated wisdom on (the Wise Woman phase), they support and sustain their gender, and future generations of children benefit.


Annie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Verbena Healing EssenceAnnie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Verbena Healing Essence

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