Wandering Jew






Tradescantia fluminesis



Your Healing Challenges

  • For melancholy, despondency and despair.
  • For lack of trust, having no faith in an outcome.
  • For the after-effects of jetlag.
  • For the negative effects of prolonged night-shift.
  • For fear of death and ageing.
  • For fear of the dark, for photosensitivity.
  • For sleeplessness.
  • For feeling spirituality blocked and cut off from God.

Your Healing Outcomes

  • To assist with invocation, channelling and bringing down information of a higher nature.
  • For white light protection in all situations.
  • For trusting the process even though a solution is not clear.
  • Affects the pineal gland, balances biorhythms, assists with jet lag.
  • For deepening spirituality.
  • Eases dying – brings peaceful acceptance of inevitable passing.
  • For peaceful sleep.
  • Lightens fear.


White Wandering Jew is a trailing groundcover plant with succulent stems. The glossy forest-green to parrot-green parallel-veined leaves are oblong to ovate with pointed tips. They are generally 2.5–6.4 centimetres long and 2.5–2.8 centimetres wide. Sometimes the leaves are slightly puckered with a seersucker texture. They emerge alternately from fuzzy margined closed sheaths that encircle the stem at the nodes.

The little white three-petaled flowers appear in clusters at the stem tips from spring through to autumn. It is a pure white flower with three petals and delicate white fibres, including six stamens tipped with gold, radiating out from the centre.

This dark green, long-stemmed variety creeps discreetly beneath shrubbery and perennials and decorates the planting with emergent sprays of baby's-breath-like white flowers.

It is common in moist and shady areas, and the short-lived flowers close at night and open again in the daylight.

The three-part capsules contain pitted black seeds.

White Wandering Jew does not commonly reproduce from seed, but it roots readily from stem fragments, so long as each piece of stem includes at least one node. It is easy to transplant successfully.

This is considered an extremely invasive species. Stem fragments break off easily and float; they easily propagate via streams and floodplains where storms can wash pieces downstream. Some Tradescantias may cause dermatitis in sensitive individuals. Dogs kept in yards with a groundcover of Wandering Jew have developed rashes.

Doctrine of Signatures

This essence is for calling in the light.

The three pure white petals relate to the trinity of Mind, Body Spirit — the three aspects of the ‘whole’ person, which, when functioning in alignment and harmony, bring a sense of bliss and contentedness on all levels of being.

Gold is the colour of wisdom. The six gold-tipped stamens represent the harmony and peace that prevails when a person is feeling balanced. When there is no discord on any level, the wisdom of higher awareness channels through a person freely. This essence is for people who are working in the healing field, and assists them to call in the energy of white light.

The number six resonates with the higher quality of peace and harmony, particularly domestic harmony. Therefore, it is also the wisdom of the ‘householder,’ the person who walks their spiritual path, not by entering a monastery, but by living the more mundane aspects of life, such as family life and making a living. For these people, all aspects of life are a cause for celebration, bringing a sense of joy, bliss and contentment.

Annie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences White Wandering JewHealing EssenceAnnie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences White Wandering JewHealing Essence

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