Raymond is a 57 year old Australian male. He was widowed in 2007, and the death of his partner of 27 years has had such a devastating effect on him that he has not been able to function effectively.

Being an “Australian bloke” he thought that the situation would improve significantly on the second anniversary of his mate’s passing.  This was not to be. It got worse. He has strong spiritual beliefs, and this gave him great comfort, however the loss was very deep, deeper than he could have imagined. They have no children, and he has no family to speak of. He lives alone with his animals, and the fact that he had no regular work only added to his stress.

After the second anniversary, he became deeply depressed, and life had nothing more to offer him. He said, “If I didn’t have my animals, I wouldn’t get out of bed”.  He heard about the essences, and I realized that he needed Bleeding Heart. He started taking it as prescribed, and the change was miraculous…  He began to have a more positive attitude to his situation (between tearful releases), and was able to move out of his grief state to a more powerful position. This combined with him hearing about another therapist (male), who has helped him to understand his grief, and accept it, as a process that will take as long as it needs to. I believe that he would not have made these connections without Bleeding Heart.

Once this process began, we addressed his underlying poor self concept, as he blamed himself for not having dealt with the grief more effectively.

I gave him Woman Worth, as a regular dose, and also Crisis Calm as an extra help when he felt overwhelmed.

The feedback from this man has been wonderful. He has started a new direction in life, and is now excited about his value as a man, both personally and professionally. I believe we will have a long and productive therapeutic relationship, as he now believes that the essences can assist him whatever his situation.

~Ian Davies

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