In 2020 we continue our expanded Spirit of Woman Workshop Program. It was such an awesome ride in 2019, serving to equip our participants with the tools of understanding and connection to tap into the powerful spiritual transformation underlying the seeming chaos, happening on the world stage today. The powerful awarenesses, enhanced by group participation, enriched lives and smoothed out concerns, opening many to the amazing tools of serendipity and synchronicity. Such is what happens when we let go, allowing us to ride the wave of change with consciousness through the critical times humanity is transiting at the moment, and to hold a torch for others to see when the darkness appears to them to be overwhelming.

In our deep exploration of the Mind-Body-Spirit aspect of humans being, each of the 12 chakras – the seven traditional, plus the five extra chakras that have opened up to accommodate the higher consciousness humanity is currently moving into – is experienced & studied. You will discover the magic of resonance from within the inner landscape of your own sacred beingness, and consciously apply it to the Web of Life,  the energetic network that sustains all Life, including not only humans, but also animals, plants & minerals and the Mother, Gaia Herself.

Using the female energetic template as the basic reflection of life, the series is structured to nine x one-day workshops, to work through the energy of the chakras that inform and determine major aspects of our body, mind and spirit.

In collaboration with Annie Meredith, Mind-Body-Spirit teacher and Medical Intuitive with 38 years practical and teaching experience, you will gather tools that will underpin and inform your inner life, your relationships, your passions, your work and your soul directive for this life. You will be reborn to a new consciousness and awareness.

2020 Spirit of Woman

Workshop Series

Shifting into Balance

Rebirthing into the New World

A Mind-Body-Spirit Transformational Workshop Series


Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences

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Over this workshop series you will be introduced to the 29 Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences that make up the singles range, learning how to use them for yourself, your family and for your clients, if you are in practice. You will gain insights into how the healing power of Nature can powerfully heal, bringing inner peace, clarity, joy and success into your life and those of your friends and clients.

You will learn how the energy chakras, portals of Divine Vital Force that underpin your being, drive your basic physical anatomy, affecting your mind, body, emotional and spiritual expression. Through a deep understanding of the chakras, the subtle energy anatomy of the body, you will learn how apply a Body-Mind approach to healing, both your own and others. This invaluable information will  enhance your effectiveness in all healing modalities, such as massage, naturopathy, spiritual healing and counselling. It empowers your path to self-healing by bringing greater awareness of your own blind spots and areas that you may wish to develop to full potential.

You will also learn how to tap into your intuition and access your heart intelligence, using Spirit of Woman Flower Essences to help you:

  • unlock your own healing powers by working directly with Nature’s Divinely Feminine intelligence, using flower essence plant spirit medicine
  • reconnect with Planet Gaia the Mother, the core being at the heart of nature, for a healing outcome for your clients, family and friends
  • open to the higher Vital Force energies that flow through you and into the world beyond 
  • access your own soul’s note through meditation
  • understand BodyMind diagnosis along with other diagnostic techniques

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To hear what people have to say about Annie’s workshops:

For me, the Essence of Woman course conducted by Annie Meredith helped me to realise that who I am as a female, but more importantly as a woman, is normal and OK. I came to the realisation through this workshop journey that the things I think and feel each day are commonly felt by women as a whole each day and that I was not alone in my thoughts and feelings. This workshop series helped to clear some of my fears around talking openly about sexuality and assisted me to start bringing down those walls. Thanks Annie


The transition that has taken place in my personal life over the duration of the workshop series is phenomenal. I am falling in love with myself and as a result I have met a soul-mate. This knowledge, wisdom and information should be taught in schools to enable generations of young girls to pass into womanhood with a real sense of self. Blessed be, Annie.


I found Essence of Woman absolutely invaluable. It explained so many of my intuitive thoughts and actions as a woman and supported my growth as a woman no end. I would highly recommend Annie’s workshop series to everyone – male and female. To understand women and understand the differences between men and women should be an essential part of everyone’s education. Love you, Annie!


So many insights! This was a wonderful exploration of the ‘Feminine’ in all its manifestations from birth – maiden, mother, crone. So proud I am to be a woman. Many thanks, Annie


Mini Practitioner Training Program

We also offer this short version program as training for health professionals and retailers who are interested in using our essences in their healing practice or retail outlets.


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