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Spirit of Woman Workshop Series 

This course is open to health practitioners and non-practitioners alike.

One of the recurrent themes that I came across in 2019, as I interfaced with people exploring their inner world, was a sense of being lost and purposeless:

  • ‘I feel so directionless, such as never before in my life’
  • ‘I have loved my work, but now feel there is something more….’
  • ‘I feel at a loss with purpose…’
  • ‘I don’t know where to go next…’
  • ‘The world is spinning out of control and me with it….’

Does this resonate with you? If so it may be in one of the following ways:

  • Are you looking for some direction or to make sense of the world at this time and feel you cannot see clearly where you are going?
  • Or are you a health care practitioner or counsellor (or a student) wanting to help people who may feel as if they are spinning out of control?
  • Or are you already on a path of spiritual evolvement and want to become more authentic and in touch with your soul’s destiny?
  • Or are you a woman wanting to understand the shifting dynamic around gender roles and authentication, and seeking deeper knowledge of the Divine Feminine polarity?

If you can personally resonate with any of the categories above then the 2020 Spirit of Woman Workshop Program has been designed especially for you.

You can connect with your precious heart and its yearnings, urges and passions in a specifically tailored workshop series that drops you mind, body and soul directly into your Divine Feminine, aligning you with the new consciousness entering the planet. Structured to reflect the gestation period of nine months for the human being, these experience-packed nine days over nine months will birth you anew, opening your heart to sing, play and find its own rhythm. Just like a new-born infant, you will see the world through new eyes and come into a new way of being, in love with life.

Shifting into Balance

Rebirthing into the New World

A Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Workshop Series

 This series will cover:

  • Starting with YOU – understanding the way you tick, on all levels through your through the 12-Chakra Energy Anatomy System to assist you to step into your highest expression, no matter what your current circumstances are.
  • Exploring the Mind-Body-Spirit aspects of each energy centre – how does each centre function physically for you and drive your thoughts and feelings making you the way you are?
  • Energy diagnosis using medical intuitive techniques – you will learn how to energetically read the people around you, to help you understand them and how you relate to them, by using subtle energy cues that tell you their story. When you more deeply understand their attitudes and motivations, their behaviour will be less perplexing and distressing for you.
  • Treatment strategies– you will learn how to manage and deal with people that currently may overwhelm or over-influence you, or, if you are a practitioner, you will learn a variety of new and different techniques to add to your treatment tool kit to assist your clients to understand and heal themselves.
  • Counselling Focus – you will have ‘aha’ insights, learn new strategies and expand your perceptions so that will be able to more fully assist others to find their own strengths, accept and acknowledge their own vulnerabilities and come into their own sense of empowerment.
  • Tools you will explore
    •  Spirit of Woman Flower Essences and Blends for each chakra and how to use them.
    • Essential Oils for each chakra and how to use them.
    • Auric Healing Techniques, Hands-On Healing, Energy Clearing, Distant Healing
    • Meditation and Mindfulness techniques
    • Kinesiology diagnostics
    • Physical shape-shifting postures (including yoga asanas for each chakra)
    • Dance moves, drawing exercises
    • Dynamic group exercises
    • Powerful ceremonial strategies to co-create your reality

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Run over 9 months through 2020

9 months to rebirth you to co-operation, collaboration, caring, compassion, connectedness.

 Held on Sundays from 9.00 – 4.30.

Bring lunch to share. Morning and Afternoon Tea provided

Dates and Program

February 23rd  – Chakra 1 – you will learn about embodiment, how to best care for your body and how your body registers its need for survival. 

 March 29th – Chakra 2 – you will learn about intimacy, closeness, how to enhance your relationship or to attract one if you are ready to go. 

May 31st – Chakra 3 – you will learn to step into your own power, how to find confidence when you need it and how to nurture and nourish yourself

 June 28th – Chakra 4 – you will learn how to love to live, live to love and to increase your happiness quotient through acceptance of ‘what is’.

 July 26th – Chakra 5 – you will learn how to express your creativity, the soul note of your uniqueness.

August 30th – Chakras 6 & 7 – you will learn how to trust your own intuition & wisdom and how to access your Higher Self.

September 27th – Chakras 8 & 9 – you will learn how to connect with your soul’s unique history through past lives and how to access your soul’s destiny to connect with your Life Purpose. 

October 25th – Chakras 10 & 11 – you will learn ways that you can be a conduit for healing energies both as a practitioner and in your everyday life through an understanding and feeling for the Web of Life. You will learn how to access Gaia to power your healing capacity.

November 29th – Chakra 12 – Pulling It All Together – Birthing a New You – you will come to an awareness of Unity Consciousness and the thrill of being You in a New Order. You will also engage in practical sessions that will assist you to put onto practice all that you have learned.


The ‘Spiritorium’ 
1888 Mt Nebo Rd
Mt Nebo, Qld 4520

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This workshop series is eligible for ANTA CPE (Continuing Professional Education) points (one point each hour of the course).

At the end of the 2020 Series you will receive a Certificate of Rebirthing & Competence to certify your Spirit of Woman Australian Wildflower Essence training. Please note that there are no pre-requisite qualifications for doing this course.  The course is designed so that you do not need prior training. As a non-practitioner you will learn to understand your own body, emotions and thoughts and how you can transform them for quality self-healing and transformation. You will graduate with an understanding of the human subtle energy anatomy, consisting of the chakras and the meridians, together with the individual Spirit of Woman Wild Flower Essences that resonate with each energy centre. Each of the 29 Spirit of Woman Essences are examined in depth.  In 2020, we cover the 12-chakra human energy system, the expanded energy system that has opened in response to humanity’s shift in consciousness over the past few years.

This unique workshop series includes practical hands-on application using flower essences to activate the energy field and explores powerful energy diagnostic tools that expand your psychic abilities, so much a part of the new consciousness.

On completion of all nine workshops in this series you will be granted a Certificate of Rebirthing & Competence

You may elect to attend only those days that interest you. In this case you will not receive a certificate


The cost of each Spirit of Woman Workshop is $99.00 per day Click to book (includes morning and afternoon tea). Bring lunch to share. You can elect to do only the days that interest you.

You will receive a Special Price if you:

  1. Pre-purchase the full 9 month series – $600.00  Click here to book  

     2.  Are you a full time student? – full time students discount – $75.00 for    each day or $450 if pre-paid  Click on your selection to book.

Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essence Workshops are open to anyone, practitioner and non-practitioner alike, interested in learning more about flower essences, vibrational healing and mind-body medicine for their own, their families or others. The new understandings will bring:

  • emotional health
  • physical health
  • benefit your clients if you are a practitioner to assist them in their process of healing 
  • connection and common interests with a group of like-minded resonant people

Your Teacher

Annie Meredith is an author, lecturer in Natural Medicine, healing practitioner, expert in the field of Mind Body Medicine and developer of Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences. Having worked passionately at the cutting edge in vibrational medicine and the natural health profession for 38 years, she has a wealth of knowledge to share and impart. You will come away from these workshops with a depth of understanding and a tool kit full of meaningful strategies to assist you in your personal life and, if you are a practitioner, in your practice.

Workshop Environment

Our Brisbane workshops are held at ‘The Spiritorium’ (home of Spirit of Woman) 1888 Mt Nebo Rd, Mt Nebo Qld 4520.

Accommodation is available locally for those travelling interstate or from overseas. Please ring Annie for details on 0414 873 608.

Annie’s understanding of the Divine Feminine, coupled with her intimate connection with the Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences will give your soul the nourishment it needs to feel and manifest the Divine Feminine in your life, accelerating your path towards becoming the Divine You. The peace and tranquility of this workshop series ensures you have an experience like no other and you get to meet like minded people. To feel this Divine Feminine energy, coming from the heart, is truly something else – nurturing, caring, beautiful and loving………

Other Locations for Spirit of Woman Workshops

We are working towards confirming workshops in other states of Australia and areas of Queensland; if you would like to know more, or would like us to run a workshop in your area, please contact us.

Special product offers are available at each of the workshops, with savings offered on books, kits, individual stock, dose, and blend essences, and future workshops.  EFTPOS and credit card facilities are available.

2. Online Workshops

We are thrilled to announce that in 2020 we are commencing our online course. Join our newsletter for updates on progress… 

 Spirit of Woman Practitioner Workshop

Course Online 

This course has been designed online for your convenience so that you can explore Spirit of Woman Australian Flower Essences in depth and learn how to use them effectively for your own personal use or to assist you in practice. You will examine the Twelve Chakra System of Healing and become acquainted with each of the Spirit of Woman Flower Essences that resonate with the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical attribute of each energy centre. In this way you not only gain a deep understanding of each of the essences, and you recognise how to use them skilfully and easily for the most profound healing effect. The course follows the face-to-face content faithfully (although the format is different to facilitate your easy learning) and has experiential exercises you can do at home with friends or family. Additionally there wiill be online resources provided and you will be able to join into chatroom discussions with other students participating in the course, as well as talk to Annie by prior arrangement. You will:

    • gain an intimate understanding of the healing quality of each flower essence
    • learn how to use them singly or blend them for optimum effect for your own individualised need or for those of your family or patients


      • experience and become adept in diagnosing energetic states for effective treatment results.

  For further information contact Annie at annie@spiritofwomanessences.com

or phone +617 3289 8269/ 0414 873 608