Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences | Australian Flower Essences for the new millenniumSpirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences | Australian Flower Essences for the new millennium

Hi! I’m Annie Meredith. I welcome you to the Spirit of Woman Australian Wildflower Essences website.

‘There’s a deep, untouched knowing…

A silent, relentless yearning…

That calls us all, woman, man and child

To a state of vibration

So high in its frequency

So pure in its essence

So powerful in its expression

It is indeed divine!’

This website is dedicated to introducing you to the pure vibrational power of flowers, in particular, to those which grow and thrive within a place of powerful feminine energy, Mt Nebo Queensland, known to be a sacred women’s birthing site for many thousands of years……..the essences made from these flowers carry the vibrations of the Divine Feminine.

 To watch Annie describe the flower essence Wild Iris as it grows in her garden click here

Divine Feminine softness

This energy is transforming our planet right now, as the old masculine paradigm gives way to a newly emerging consciousness flooding every person, animal, plant, nook and cranny of the very ground we walk. This is not a new energy. It has always been in the wings waiting to ascend as the old, ‘used-by date’ consciousness reaches its zenith and gives way, in much the same way as the day surrenders to nightfall. Its appearance on the horizon heralds a new golden age of peace and harmony as human beings begin to lead from the heart rather than the head.


This is the nature of the Divine Feminine: heart-felt rather than solely head driven, co-operation in tandem with competition, support as well as independence, intuition as much valued as straight logic in resolving our human dilemmas and living peacefully and harmoniously on the planet. Moreover, our struggling planet Gaia, damaged by the thoughtless and selfish plundering of its deep resources, whilst under the management of a one-sided approach, needs the feminine values of conservation and empathetic co-management from intelligent balanced beings, to pull us through this critical time on earth.


Gaia is the name given to the soul-being whose physical body is the planet. She is the Mother to humankind and all life that co-habit with her, nourishing, supporting, protecting and providing natural medicines to heal us, and all life other forms, when we are in a state of dis-ease. By slowing down and vibrating to her frequency (7.8 Hz) all manner of illness can be resolved and our separated souls come home again, like a baby soothed by the mother’s heartbeat when held close to the breast.

Flowers are among the most beautiful, graceful and exquisite expression of Nature. When we take flowers into our homes and workplaces, there is a special feeling that graces the environment – that of freshness, aliveness, joy and abundance.

Elixirs made from flowers carry this energy, delivering it into our being via the aura (bioelectric field that surrounds all liviing beings), chakras and meridians. Flower essences are the Mother’s gift to humanity to harmonise soul and spirit and to increase awareness of the ways we can help ourselves to navigate life joyously and successfuly. They introduce into our energy system the healing vibration of the Mother. They are gentle yet powerful healers that work on the emotional and mental states, which in turn have a trickle-down effect on the physical body. They bring about deep states of satisfaction with the self, wellbeing and feelings of being able to master our lives. They tap us back into our natural states of bliss and harmony, unfettered by some of the habitual negative mental and emotional states of anxiety, powerlessness, lack of confidence, feelings of separation and loneliness, fear and panic. They re-connect us back to the power source of life itself.

Flower essences have come onto the planet at this time because human beings are now ready to take the next evolutionary step towards advancing themselves.


It is now time for human beings to unmask, become authentic and come into the heart – to feel profoundly the magnificence of the gift of life, to honour our significant others as ourselves, to have compassion and most significantly to respect and love the planet as our home, ensuring that it will survive for our children and our children’s children. This is the energy of the Divine Feminine. When we embrace this incoming surge of evolutionary consciousness we step into our soul-light to vibrate with the positive energy of the Divine and we feel well and content.


Flower essences enable this process, gently, powerfully, easily, and swiftly. To read more about Spirit of Woman Australian Flower Essences, Goddess Spray Mists, the books I have authored, the Divine Feminine and your unique pathway to uplifting your life. Please enjoy my website………