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Bring on 2018

In numerology, the energy of the Universal Year (the calendar year) of 2018 is Master Number 11.

To calculate this we add the numbers of the year 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 

Master Number 11 brings high vibrational frequency energy to the planet, potently supporting our creativity, especially in the transcendental and magic realms. So firing up your imagination with your most cherished dreams, focusing on them and giving gratitude as if it has already happened, is guaranteed, in this Master Number 11 Year, to succeed.

Alongside the rewards, is the potential for great growth and learning, so you can expect major transformations. Master 11 activates both your intuition and your subconscious so it can be bumpy if you are not prepared to look at your ‘blind spots’ realistically and non-judgmentally.

Master Number 11 also carries the energy of leadership, initiative and new beginnings, so it is perfectly tuned to assist you in dropping-off the old aspects of yourself that no longer serve you and to dream up the ‘new you’ whether it be in the areas of healthy living, emotional mastery, up-to-the-minute thinking or spiritual satisfaction.

Ritualise the Process

You can personally take advantage of this planetary shift with your New Year’s resolution.

A lovely ritual is to take reflective time prior to your New Year’s get-together (with your partner, special friends, your family or simply you and yourself – it won’t work with a big bash!) to sift through your wishes and dreams for the New Year and to come up with one word that expresses it all. Flag your intention to those you will be with, to give them an opportunity to do the same, and then at a predetermined time sit together in a circle or facing one another on New Year’s Eve and take turns to share: your best successes and most challenging issues for 2017 followed by your one word for 2018. You can even take it one step further and play charades with your one word and get your friends to guess what it is!!

If you are with celebrating the passage of the year with yourself, in reflective mood, then write down your list for 2017 and your word for 2018. Keep it somewhere safe so you can look back on it at the completion of the year.

Such a ritual can become a warming and supportive occasion each year to allow others in your support circle bear witness to your intention for continual soul growth. 


Take advantage of the Master Number 11 Year

with our 3-essence-blends/spray mists packs 



2018 Peace and Prosperity Pack

contains the essences of Abundance, Gift of Time and Creative Muse to open your self to the uniqueness of your creative self – you can create your own reality – you just have to have the confidence to dream it up. this Spirit of Woman 3-pack helps you to recognise your right to have whatever it is you would like from life by tuning in to your deepest desires for yourself and to the bounty of life. It also assists you to ensure that any feelings of ‘not worthy’ or ‘not having enough’ are replaced by an unbounded sense of abundance and joy. Helps you to ‘master time’ so that you set the pace in your life according to your own priorities. In so doing we open to synchronicity and serendipity which help us to be in the right place at the right time to take advantage of opportunities coming our way.

At the special price for a Master Number 11 Year the pack is only $45.00

A yummy gift for yourself or for someone special in your circle

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 Stress Less in 2018


contains the essence blends of Crisis Calm, Quiet Mind and Gift of Time to assist you in  2018 to overthrow overwhelm, find your grounded centre and stretch time to fit your needs, rather than be controlled by the need to fit into a fast pace dictated by events and others around you.

Old ‘used-by date’ time ticks your life away second by second and demands that you follow it’s beat. With awareness you can march to the beat of your own drum, by going with the flow. With the higher vibrational frequencies of a Master Number 11 Year, you intuitively tune into your own rhythm, more readily accessing your dream space. This is the place where you create what it is that you want in your life and with your creativity heightened you have the tools at the ready to manifest the magical in your life. No more crises, simply opportunities to learn and grow from. Instead of catastrophizing you stay grounded and access your higher wisdom. 

Carry this pack in your purse and be ready for anything, with consummate ease and grace.

Such a reasonable price for so much ease of mind at only $45.00 for the three pack. 

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Vitality Pack

contains the essence blends of Vital Energy, Body Love and Me, Myself I to make sure you remember to prioritise your health and well-being in 2018.

The Vitality Pack focuses your attention on your physical body, ensuring you have plenty of energy to go, a healthy self appreciation of your body and non-critical self-talk so you don’t undermine yourself. Your state of mind and the stream of consciousness running through your head is what literally creates your reality. If you regularly run yourself down in your thoughts, then you will run yourself into the ground.

By being mindful of your inner conversations and managing your self statements in a positive light you will begin to feel better about yourself, love your body for the miracle that it is and naturally make better choices with the food you eat, the friends you hang out with and the relationships you cultivate.

Sail through 2018 with this handy supportive three-pack priced at only $45.00

The best gift you can give yourself

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The Love of My Life Pack 

contains the essence blends of Speak Easy, Together and Intimate Zone to support cooperative co-creation of a fun, easy-going, sexy (if appropriate) and caring relationship in which the load of life is shared and enjoyed.

A busy life can put a strain on any relationship, be it your intimate partner, a parent (or both) or your children.

Oil the wheels of your family inter-relationships with a three-pack of blends that will facilitate ‘best behaviour’ on everybody’s part and a willingness to cooperate for dynamic interaction. And even if one or other has a ‘spack attack’ you can manage it easily with grace and without a nasty blowup.

This three pack is especially useful in opening up to the joys of intimacy so that pleasure is shared, taking the relationship to greater heights. It assists in communicating your needs to your partner, healing old wounds that inhibit in the here and now and hearing the wants and needs of your partner loud and clear.

Listen to your Heart in 2018 with this three-pack

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Spray Mist ‘Calm Me’ Pack 

contains the aromatic Goddess Spray Mists of ‘Tara – Crisis Calm’, ‘Kwan Yin – Meditation’ and ‘Athena – Clarity’ to assist you in managing time stress, overcoming overwhelm and soothing a frayed temper.

Easy to administer for others as well. By simply spraying around a room they grant an elegance and easy social atmosphere to a gathered company, soothe unhappy children, placate anxious pets and assist in a relationship if there is a storm brewing without the need for individual ingestion.

Enjoy the elegance of a beautiful aromatic and healing experience.

In the combination of the healing and transformational qualities of Spirit of Woman Flower Essences and pure organic essential oils, each of these blends offer a uniquely  alchemic contribution to enhance your wholesome experience throughout 2018

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Spray Mist ‘Pure and Clear’ Pack

contains the aromatic Goddess Spray Mists of ‘Gaia – Clear Space’, ‘Athena – Clarity’ and ‘Diana – Protection’ to clear any negative energy that is lingering in a room, between members of your family, or left over from past events where things have gone pear-shaped.

Protects against any ‘negative’ personalities and assists you to feel clear and unaffected by other persons in any interactions you may have.

 Combining the healing and transformational qualities of Spirit of Woman Flower Essences and pure organic essential oils each of these blends offer a uniquely  alchemic contribution to enhance your wholesome experience of 2018 

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Spray Mist ‘Feeling Good’ Pack 


contains the aromatic Goddess Spray Mists of ‘Venus – Divinely Feminine’, ‘Diana – Protection’ and ‘Sophia – Awaken’ this elegant three pack offers you a sense of being ‘at your best expression’. Feeling connected, supportive, feminine and co-operative you will know how to be your optimum self without feeling the need to put on a mask or act out of character – simply to be your best self and let everything around you flow the way it will. Lose the need for control and let the day take it’s own shape. Using spray mists you can encourage others to go with the flow, without a word being spoken.

Combining the healing and transformational qualities of Spirit of Woman Flower Essences and pure organic essential oils each of these blends offer a uniquely alchemic contribution to enhance your wholesome experience of 2018

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What are Spirit of Woman Flower Essences? 

Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences and the accompanying books, Spirit of Woman and Essence of Woman provide practical, emotional and spiritual tools to use in everyday life to enhance the journey to self-empowerment and optimal well-being.

Designed for both women and men, the Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences assist the individual in embracing the healing vibrational energy of the Divine Feminine. Physically, emotionally and attitudinally, females and males seem to be poles apart, and yet together they create the full complement of humans being. In reality, we all have a wholistic soul that has no gender specification. However, Life itself occurs through the dynamic interaction of the dual polarities of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Our western value system is based squarely in the Divine masculine principles of logical thinking, hierarchical structures, singularlity and competition. By contrast, the Divine Feminine promotes the conscious expansion of intuition, love and spiritual perception, fostering connection, collaboration, conservation of the planet and a sense of the unity of all beings. It is time to bring back into balance these two polarities. In order to do so we must remember who we are and bring the values of the Divine Feminine back into focus so we can achieve balance.

 In honouring and supporting the Divine Feminine, we stand on equal footing with the Divine Masculine, restoring harmony and balance to both humanity and the planet we call home.

 How do they work?

Flower essences are the vibrational life force of the plant, and have been used as medicine throughout history. In the 1930s Dr Edward Bach revived the art of flower essences. Vibrational medicine has since evolved and developed, and contemporary flower essences now usher in the resonance of the New Earth. Facilitating healing on a global scale, vibrational flower essences are now used by millions of people around the world.

Flower essences work by adding a moderating energy vibration to the body’s energy system, which cancels the energy frequency of imbalances in the body and the emotions. This creates a new energy wave in the body, which eventually replaces the imbalance. Flower essences are highly-valued powerful healers known to have no side-effects, and can be used safely by children, adults, and even plants and animals.



Brought to life in 2009 by internationally recognised BodyMind teacher, author and healer, Annie Meredith. Founded, developed and still made and packaged, to this day, in the cool, feminine sacred energies of Mount Nebo in south-east Queensland, Australia.

Morning Glory

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