Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences | Australian Flower Essences for the new millenniumSpirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences | Australian Flower Essences for the new millennium

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Peace and Calm in 2017

Manage this crazy roller-coaster called Life

with our special 3-essence-blends/spray mists packs 

Inner Calm Pack

contains the essence blends of Crisis Calm, Quiet Mind and Gift of Time to assist you in overthrowing overwhelm, finding your peaceful centre and stretching time to fit your needs rather than being controlled by time-stress

Relationship Support – The Love of My Life Pack

contains the essence blends of Speak Easy, Together and Intimate Zone to support cooperative co-creation of a fun, easy-going, sexy and caring relationship in which the load is shared and enjoyed

Goddess Spray Mist ‘Calm Me’ Pack

contains the aromatic Goddess Spray Mists of ‘Tara – Crisis Calm’, ‘Kwan Yin – Meditation’ and ‘Athena – Clarity’ to assist you in managing time stress and overcoming overwhelm  

What are Spirit of Woman Flower Essences? 

Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences and the accompanying books, Spirit of Woman and Essence of Woman provide practical, emotional and spiritual tools to use in everyday life to enhance the journey to self-empowerment and optimal well-being.

Designed for both women and men, the Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences assist the individual in embracing the healing vibrational energy of the Divine Feminine. Physically, emotionally and attitudinally, females and males seem to be poles apart, and yet together they create the full complement of humans being. In reality, we all have a wholistic soul that has no gender specification. However, Life itself occurs through the dynamic interaction of the dual polarities of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Our western value system is based squarely in the Divine masculine principles of logical thinking, hierarchical structures, singularlity and competition. By contrast, the Divine Feminine promotes the conscious expansion of intuition, love and spiritual perception, fostering connection, collaboration, conservation of the planet and a sense of the unity of all beings. It is time to bring back into balance these two polarities. In order to do so we must remember who we are and bring the values of the Divine Feminine back into focus so we can achieve balance.

 In honouring and supporting the Divine Feminine, we stand on equal footing with the Divine Masculine, restoring harmony and balance to both humanity and the planet we call home.

 How do they work?

Flower essences are the vibrational life force of the plant, and have been used as medicine throughout history. In the 1930s Dr Edward Bach revived the art of flower essences. Vibrational medicine has since evolved and developed, and contemporary flower essences now usher in the resonance of the New Earth. Facilitating healing on a global scale, vibrational flower essences are now used by millions of people around the world.

Flower essences work by adding a moderating energy vibration to the body’s energy system, which cancels the energy frequency of imbalances in the body and the emotions. This creates a new energy wave in the body, which eventually replaces the imbalance. Flower essences are highly-valued powerful healers known to have no side-effects, and can be used safely by children, adults, and even plants and animals.



Brought to life in 2009 by internationally recognised BodyMind teacher, author and healer, Annie Meredith. Founded, developed and still made and packaged, to this day, in the cool, feminine sacred energies
of Mount Nebo in south-east Queensland, Australia.

Morning Glory

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